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We are a ISO9001:2008 certified products die casting die casting parts manufacturer, specializes in aluminum and zinc, with fine processing, supplemented by mould design and manufacture and traditional fixture; professional technology, first-class equipment, many years of production experience and flexible mode of operation, we continue to ensure high quality of products, shorten the delivery time for you, a great saving of time and cost. For many years, we have a number of listed companies to export all kinds of die casting, and PPM is always less than or equal to 60; look forward to cooperation with you!

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Main Products

At present, our products are casting electric tools, motorcycle fittings, lighting fittings, washing fittings, bakeware fittings, auto parts, fan fittings, audio fittings etc.


Ningbo Beilun Jing yu Machinery Co., Ltd.

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People oriented, technology first, Pioneering and innovative, excellence, quality first, customer first.

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